About 40 Below Fitness

40 Below Fitness takes a more personalized approach to fitness than many of the larger fitness centers. Our clients come because they choose to, not because they're obligated. There are: No Contracts. No Gym Dues. No Initiation Fee. Instead, we offer a warm, welcome, personal environment where you want to return again and again! We offer quick 30 minute training sessions in a private one-on-one environment as well as larger classes for group settings. Our experienced trainers will design a program that will take the hassle out of working out and getting in shape.

In addition to these training sessions, we hold several other group-oriented classes to suit those who prefer to work out with others. From the 8-week Body Sculpt classes and Zumba with Phoebe to a variety of alternating cardio classes, we are excited to bring you a well-rounded range of fitness choices in our recently-remodeled facility.

Click the photos to meet our trainers: